A total Communication Solution Provider
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A Total Communication Solutions Provider

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Company Profile

NSIS is a Saudi based company, owned and operated by a team of professionals who have more than 50 years combined experience in the fields of computer engineering and programming, Information, and Marketing and advertising fields.

Our Mission

NSIS main mission is to Serve You and Your Information Technology Needs, We want to be a leader in providing you Information Services, That’s our company philosophy and ambitions..

NSIS was founded to introduce and link the Arab business communities with one another, and to the international worldwide markets. Extending the commercial presence of the Arab World into the international markets arena with the aid of an electronic business directory with a powerful search engines client website on the Internet.

NSIS pursues continual development of new electronic media products and services to respond to the international information’s and advertising needs of the Arab World business and commercial communities.


Also see our special VSAT Internet and Private DATA link into Saudi Arabia.

NSIS is also Hosting  Knowledge Gate Online Education.

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Contact Information

World Wide Web: www.NovaStars.Com

Customer Support: NSIS@The-Saudi.Net

VSAT: VSAT@The-Saudi.Net

Saudi Knowledge Gate: KG@The-Saudi.Net

USA FAX +1 815 361-3986


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